Get Out of the VIRTUAL WORLD!!!

Get out of the virtual world
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These days people are more expressive on their statuses. People actually think that posting quotes that resemble your mood would make any difference. As if it will.. What the hell is wrong with such people. The truth is nobody cares enough and thinking that you are the only person going through stuff is immature. You need to realise that everyone is going through something or the other. It’s just people do not put themselves bare on social media. The truth is nobody cares. Nobody gives a shit about your life. Everyone is busy with their own lives. And literally, rather than sharing your current mood through your phone into a virtual world try and talk to real people. Please try and realise real people exists and get out of your virtual world.

I only have written this because I have seen every second person on social media expressing their anger or sadness or anxiety. But they do not realise that rather than putting their mood on social media they can talk to somebody about it. Because no one on social media is your real friend or cares for you. Rather talking to people in person would make such you feel much better.

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