Lost Friendship

There is this friend of mine who I haven’t talked to in a while.
I feel like we have grown apart. It’s not just my fault it’s hers too.
We both wouldn’t accept it but thats OK.
I just want to know what’s up with her for real. Just talk to her and know how she is doing.

I don’t want to regret it later. I just cannot seem to gather the courage to say a Hii or “Hey how are you doing. Do u remember me. I miss us a lot. I think about you every day and remember how things used to be. See how times have changed we haven’t talked for long time. I feel really distant I don’t want to feel this distant. What had happened to us? ”
I don’t want to blame it on time but I know it is time. Why can’t things just go back to how they were? You know I wish we talked more. I do blame you a little, for many times not texting me back or very late or just making up excuses.

But I guess then I was not any good either because I made you wait for a reply . I just wish the best for you and always wish you do well.
It’s OK we don’t talk anymore but just text me sometimes and tell me that you are doing well. Because you will always remain very special to me even I aren’t to you.
You know I can’t even seem to gather the courage to text a Hii. This is how weird it is. Sometimes I search for your number and think of calling but that lump in my throat doesn’t let me. That fear at the back of my mind didn’t let me.
I guess this is what people talk about that we are adults and got different things going on in our lives. But I still feel that I might get that Hii from you.
What happened to us. I feel that you have moved on probably that I was your friend. We are different people but I remember how we promised to stay together that didn’t happen. We chose different paths. We became different people. I guess this is what it is.


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