Nature Poem

Today I woke up early.
Not to watch A song of ice and fire,
but to fulfill a little desire.
I wanted to see,
what the nature has for me.
The hills that surround,
have left me spellbound.
The lake goes as far as the eye can see,
people swimming and enjoying.
The birds chirping is all the music I need.
The peace I feel,
is surreal.
There was no light ,
but now it is bright.
The trees are talking to me so are all the buildings that surround me.
And now the air is playing with my hair.
I can see a temple,
the paintings on it are incredible.
The old folks are more active than all of us combined, they setting an example of how to live life.
The empty roads, they gonna fill with cars soon.
Slowly as I drive I see the shops opening.
Hues are inspiring and motivating, I might make another drawing.
I can be out all day just sitting and absorbing.
But alas! I couldn’t hear birds anymore, just some distant cars blowing horns.
I saw my phone and I was like damn, it’s 7AM. Need to go home. –Apoorva Jindal

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