Before reading this poem / write up. This is something I have written for myself when I am having a bad day. But then I felt that I should share it . Also this is inspired by Taylor Swift and many of her lyrics. So here it is.

–Problems, conflicts they all arise,
It may seem impossible to rise.
-My therapeutic process is to read,
About the people who have something achieved.
–They all have been through those days,
Where the sun seems to pass no hopeful rays.
–But if they would have stopped to continue,
I wonder where would they be??
–Reading about such people helps me in understanding that the problems I talk about are not even pitstops, they are
Just what my mind is doing ,making up things.
They are true if I let them be,
They are the truth I can tell myself or makeup another one because it’s my truth ,
Because I have the power to write my own story,
So I will write it’s next chapter and I will write all its chapters.
–Yes yes I know there are many reasons,
Many excuses, I have them too.
–My therapeutic process is to read ,
About the people who have something achieved.
–Now you say that people say stuff
But dear haven’t you heard,
“If you will think what others will think about you then what will they do?”
–Now you say they point fingers,
But dear haven’t you heard,
” They pointing just one finger at you and their other fingers are pointing at them.”
Yes yes I know it isn’t easy to fight your problems,
But is anything?

–The dark grey clouds will come
Because only after they pour, you find the sun light scatter and form a rainbow.
–You know what can be done
Rise, shine, step into the daylight and let it go. –Apoorva Jindal


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