Here’s a toast to my real friends.

It’s been a lifetime that we have last,
It feels ephemeral in contrast.
It’s just the reminiscence that I have,
That take me to our childhood
to 10 to 11 to 15 to 17 to 19 to 20 years of age,
Sharing visceral bond of sisterhood.
From sharing tiffins to exam answers
We have done it all together
From following our tradition,
Of watching a film together,
Every time we meet to,
Playing UNO and insulting the loser.
Being drama queens,
From when we were teens(I still am but you aren’t teens).
Discussing boys,
Making all the noise,
Discussing Harry Potter
and everything,
that’s trending.
We have all done it together.
We have had fights,
But we had a long sight,
And now its alright.
We have surpassed the bond of blood, we are stronger than that.
Being with you ,
never felt blue.
It was the bright yellow light,
Of sunshine,
that would blind,
Everyone else
But no-never us.
Because we are
meant to last
And that is the reason I want us to last together another
10 lifetimes.
Because when we grow old I want to say
” Ah. How time flies. Feels Ephemeral! “.
But for now let’s plan and meet soon.
Love, Apoorva.


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