The Roads in My Dream

Sitting all alone,
Took my scooter,
To a familiar road.
Too many times I have been there,
I talk to my friends,
The ones in school, the ones at tuition the ones at college.
I don’t know what they are talking, can’t listen to them. They wave me a goodbye.
Then I drive past a circle,
The police stops, asks me questions
Riding forward, I am scared now.
Stumbling and struggling with balance.
It’s getting colder ,
The sky is grey,
It’s like running from something unknown.
The road is getting worse,
I had to stop,
Because it was gut wrenching,
But but but then,
I started to drown,
Quicksand all around,
Couldn’t lift myself ,
It felt too heavy (More like a feeling than the actual drowning)
I let myself drown.
On the other side there was another road,
This time it is unfamiliar,
Even worse than before,
There is another scooter,
This time no one stops me.
They want me to take it.
I take it and start riding on the new road.
At this end the sky is blue but not bright,
Still very cold,
I am driving…..
I wake up only to find ,it was all a dream.
I wake up again still in my dream,
Aware in my unconscious it is still a dream,
Again it is still a dream.
I wake up only to realize that I am still in a dream within a dream.
I struggle a lot each time waking up inside the dream and then I wake up.
Pinch myself hard only to realize this isn’t a dream. –Apoorva Jindal

The roads are metaphor for important life decisions. The inspiration in this poem is my life decisions and how sometimes I am not the one taking them consciously but they turn out to be fine. The poem is both literal and metaphorical. Hope you enjoy reading it.