I bet every person reading this wants to know what their future is or maybe they just clicked to the blog link by mistake. So I am no fortune teller, and therefore even if you tell me your name, birth date or your zodiac sign I can’t tell you what will happen to you in the future. But I am just going to share with you an interesting life incident.

A year ago, I went to a marriage in Kota. It was a theme wedding in day and the theme was “a fare in Rajasthan”. The decorations were astonishing. There were colors that were appealing to the eyes with a mix of modern and traditional in them. The natural sunlight would blind my eyes when I looked up to have a glimpse at the splendid decorations. The sky had colorful ribbons. There was a part of the garden that was decorated with Rajasthani dressed puppets. Then I went to take a glimpse of section of the garden where there was mandap, with decorations of nude pink, silver white and glitters. The fresh flowers of pink white blue and lilac complementing the colors. There were three chairs that were also decorated in the same scheme of colors. It almost felt like the colour scheme of heaven itself. In between the mandap the hawan agni was also placed in such a way that no one would get any burns, at the same time the ceremony could be carried on well. The Panditji was already seated waiting for the soon to be wedded couple.

There were tables with white sheets and colorful ribbons, with chairs of silver shiny color. There were single beds with sheets that were of traditional Rajasthani colors and Khats were also there. The food was traditional Rajasthani Dal Bati Churma which is customary in the day time meal in weddings in Rajasthan.

My main interest was in the stalls of the fare which took me to my childhood. There were magicians, different rides for children, the TALL Man(also wearing Rajasthani clothes), cotton candy counter, there were temporary tattoo makers, nail artists and the counter with most people standing was, where there were some fortune tellers. There were three types of fortune tellers. One was a palm reader, the other would let you pick up a card and then tell you your future and one was with a parrot. In the third one, a card is chosen by a parrot and it gives card to its master who will predict your future. So I went to the last one and waited. I was the third person in line. There were two ladies before me who took quite a while. The first lady in the queue was probably in her late 20s, eager to know what lies in her fate. As she sat on the chair, the master opened the cage for  parrot to come out of its cage, it then chose a card. The old fortune teller asked the name of the lady, birth date and Zodiac Sign. With all this information and card that the parrot picked, the man began by saying, “You have a great married life. although you tend to get into fight with your husband, but the love is no less.”  She asked , ” Baba,when will I get a child?” The fortune teller gave her a date of next year which means she should certainly have a baby by now. The woman’s face lit up as this is what she wanted to know. The husband of this lady then sat down as the lady wasnt ready to give other people chance yet. He got similar answers.

Second woman in line and the one before me sat, this one was an unmarried one with her mother, and the same procedure took place. This time the fortune teller told the basic things about the lady, then eagerly both the daughter and mother asked, so what about her marriage and the mother daughter duo got some answers which satisfied them.

After this came my turn, I sat down on the chair, the old man opened its cage, the parrot came out and took a card out of the deck(by this time I had seen that all the cards were same and had some astrological related symbols on it). He asked my name, I replied, “Apoorva”, he said some zodiac sign which was incorrect, I corrected and said, “I am a Virgo, born on 11th September 1999”. He began after reading his card, “You are an only child to your parents, and your parents raised you as an equal to a boy.” (this bugged me like hell. Still in the 21st century sexism prevails and has deep roots. Also it bugged me because somehow it was a bitter truth that genders are indeed raised differently.) He continued, “You are clever, intelligent and very smart than most people of your age, you are a very balanced person, and you understand things and have a lot of passion.” This obviously made me merry and I kind of overlooked the last comment. He also said. “You are the focus of attention of your parents and they love you a lot. You should listen to them as you argue a lot (again a bitter truth)”. As the old man thought that now he would take a new person I said I want one more answer, I asked him about when will I get a job and he said this March.(to clarify, nothing of this sort happened last year).

As my father was with me and recording a video of me while I was getting my future predicted and many other strangers were listening to it while waiting for their turn. I got up the chair my father only said one thing, “Do not believe in what they say they just try to please people”. He wasn’t wrong and this is one of the most valuable advice I got because I learned that either I can waste my time thinking about my future or work in the present and make my own future. I do not rely on any fortune tellers now in any way that they would tell me about my future. Instead, I work hard because I know that I can make a great future for me.

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