Love Letters

My heart belonged to somebody else
It was broken
I was in the dark
Then you came with your light
It began with a letter
In the beginning, it didn’t matter
My heart healed
We have more in common then I ever knew
I can talk about deeper things when I am with you, like me better when I am with you.
But it looked like I was the only one into you
You were with me for someone else
But I made peace with it because I was with you for same reason
We made a pact
I wanted to be more important for you
I could see in your eyes this is what you want too
You thought you were the second best in my life
I said you were never second best , nobody compares to you.
I thought you didn’t believe me
But then you came with a letter answering to all my letters.
Said you didn’t really know about love but
you are in my head, my sunshine and my true light.
Wanted to tell you that it’s your smile that has held me all this while.
We promise each other,
not to break each other’s hearts. –Apoorva Jindal

This poem is written from Peter Kavinsky’s pov as requested by an avid reader. Thank you for always reading what I write and appreciating it.
Inspired by To all the boys book series and movies.


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