Always and Forever

I don’t really know a lot about love, is what I said to myself all this time. Never realised that it had started to overpower me.
The love I knew was of my father, sisters and my mother who I got to spend very less time with.
And the rest of it, was from books
Romance novels.
In addition to that, I like to cook
Bake is the right word.
Felt like I am the person going to end up alone.
Wrote letters to every crush I ever had.
Those are my personal belongings in a box which is the only belonging of my mother.
Thought I was invisible but in high school everyone knows everything about everyone.
I was no exception
One day
Someone grabbed my attention
It was you with my letter
Causing my descension
My life turned from mundane to a romance novel
After a while, it felt like all good things come in glitter
It was our ascension
Should’ve known straightaway that we were meant to be
All my winters turned into an everlasting summer
Couldn’t hold it right though
Imagined you with your ex love
Never wanted to be the second best,
Couldn’t see it was never her and always me
Alwaus and Forever it was us… is us. –Apoorva Jindal

This poem is from pov of LJ, the protagonist of To all the Boys. Hope you enjoyed reading it.


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