Looking through the window,
Trees are greener now,
Leaves are dancing happily on branches,
The pigeon in the classroom seems to coo cheerily rather than it’s mouring coo,
Sun is bright, giving the right light.
Happy faces all around me.
Ma’am is writing on the board but I have no attention, nor the rest of us.
We discuss all our plans,
Some are going to hill stations,
Some to foreign nations,
Some to their Nani’s place,
Some will join summer class.
School bell rings,
My heart is more yellow now.
This time the smile is real,
the happiness is real, feels ecstatic.
Reach my home, mother is even more happier to see me. 
I swich on the TV, its time for a Shinchan marathon, then Harry Potter, then Wizards of Waverly place, the list is endless,
Accompanied by my favourite pack of chips.
In evenings, I take up my drawing book and all my colours, the world comes alive in them and I try to make it cheerful.
My cousins all gather to play Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Cricket, Sitolia, Hide and Seek, the list is endless.
Seems like yesterday,
My heart is yellow with these visceral memories,
But today, I get to relive it all,
Looking through the balcony,
Trees are greener now,
Leaves are still dancing on the branches,
And birds singing merrily the tales of distant lands they visited,
They are saying India is their favorite land.
Sun is more bright, this time it has a guiding light.
Happy faces all around,
The ecstatic feeling to be with one’s families.
We all have each other’s support,
Bells ringing and plates rattling at 5,
In unity, in togetherness as a proud nation,
News is our centre of attention,
No place for wrong information,
Staying at home is our only solution,
Only way to cease the descension,
To turn this from a blue to a yellow situation.
Life was simple and life is simple, it is us who complicate it. –Apoorva Jindal

There are many themes running throughout the poem, it’s open to all interpretations and also it has too many references. Tell me how many were you able to find.

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