Why do I live in a shell?
Is what I ask myself,
The same sky above me,
The same lakes I see.
When will I experience it all?
Abscond these four walls,
The unprecedented dangers,
The romantic gestures,
The amusement and terrors.
When will I see it all?
When nothing goes wrong.
The finest beaches and beautiful islands,
Wander in unknown lands,
The blue oceans and golden deserts,
Be distinct from the herd.
What’s above the sky and below the seas?
Little do we know as mortal beings,
Unravel all world’s secrets,
The splendor and magnificence,
New location long vacation,
In a novel nation,
Internet has made it no easier,
Increases my desire.
How little do I know of the world?
My mind in a whirl,
This world is like a Pandora’s box,
My dilemma is,
Should I open it?
Or wonder all eternity,
I should’ve opened it.
–Apoorva Jindal


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