Let us be the Sun

Let us be the Sun
Know that you have to burn
To ignite the light
The world’s existence
Life’s sustenance is dependent
Learn the lesson of punctuality
Spread luminosity equally
Not just to a community
With no depravity
Center of attention
Yet no distinction
To any nation
To all skin colours
To all genders
To all the classes
No contrast from the masses
To young and old
Illuminating gold
When the night is dark
Very very long and dark
Still leave your mark
And you just shine
Brighter in the morning
Rather than mourning
Become a source of energy
For everybody
To write on their instagram caption sun-kissed
Be on top of everyone’s list
Know when to rise
Know when to hide
Behind the clouds
Not be too loud
Know when to set
Because all good things need an end
Because people may try to put you down
Take away your crown
So know only to rise and shine
Be a golden daylight
A hope for better tomorrow
Out of the misery and sorrow
The sun has no demand
Be magnificent, splendour and grande.
Always be lit
Don’t just sit
Scatter your luminosity
Of high positivity
Creating infinite possibility
Rise and shine everyday
Be a light no matter what the day
Don’t say
“I wanna grow up once again”
Be your own sunshine
In this lifetime.
–Apoorva Jindal


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