13 Reasons Why I Admire Taylor Swift

1. She is one of the best writers of our generation. Her ability to get the emotions right through her music and lyrics and make it feel is incredible.
2. Her music is what connected me to her initially and still does.
3. She is super productive
4. She can switch between different music genres and be the best in all of them. Wouldn’t be wrong to say that she is a music genre herself.
5. Her songs get me through a lot and is the reason of my inner motivation.
6. She speaks through her art.
7. She cares for her fans.
8. She stays relevant.
9. Her consistency and zeal after 14 years in her career is remarkable and I hope she keeps on going like this.
10. Her love for her work.
11. She plants Easter eggs pretty much in everything when she is in public eye. Gives me and all her fans a reason to enjoy her songs more.
12. She speaks about Human Rights, rights for people of all genders and LGBTQ and is not afraid to share her political opinions.
13. She has suffered but that didn’t deter her. And that is motivating.

She may also be doing a concert in India after the conditions go back to normal.

I have so many more reasons but for now this is enough. I will love her #foremore

PS.  13 is her lucky number.


#happybirthdayTaylorSwift the Queen

Happy Birthday Taylor

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