Tears of Pain

the pain
the tears
i shed
for sisters
we lost
because of those monsters
the atrocities
she faced
the pain
the suffering
she went through
i always ask
why do they do it?
how can they be so ruthless?
why is what i always ask?
i don’t get no answers
i stopped reading newspapers
because it gives
me pain
the tears
i shed
create a memory
for each of my sisters,

she suffered
she shouldn’t have
and then we say
she must’ve done
something to provoke them
but it was done to an
eight months old and an
eighty year old
i see their ghosts
in front of me every night
giving me nightmares
as i think about them
and i’d be lying if i said
i can walk alone
in the moonlight

i want to change it
but it seems
not everyone is
willing to even talk about it
let alone make a change
nothing beyond a gram post
for the sisters we have lost
and what is the point of all this
if it takes 7 years to serve justice
can’t we kill them immediately?
it would still be a mercy
compared to what they have done

her futures
them to hide
their heinous crime or
her in hospital bed
to die
how can it give someone
my blood boils
i want to crush
their bones
for what they did
to those pure souls
the pain
the tears
i shed
is there no end?

— Apoorva Jindal

P.S. This was more of an experiment. Please tell me how was it. I have kept all letters small because I wanted to portray sadness through words in a different way. Like when we are excited we write in capital so this was a complete opposite emotion hence the small letters.

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