Onism part 2 aka Quirkyalone

I ask myself
Why have I created a shell?
What people my age
have already had
Holding of hands
I wish to abscond the wall around my heart
To experience the spark

Texting all day long
Will it be so wrong?
Finding someone
Who knows me better
And loves Harry Potter
Listens to Swift’s tunes
And becomes my muse

I wonder
Will it be thunderous?
Or crazy and adventurous
Like the way they show in movies
People in their twenties
Happened at first sight
Call them my sun and my moon light
Or bloomed out of a friendship
And My friends ship our relationship
Words like together forever and ever
Maybe I will be jealous
Seeing him with someone else
And I hope he will envy
When I talk to someone pretty

When will it happen?
When my stomach has a tingling sensation
My heart skips a beat
On these Indian streets
And we go to the lakes
Dressed in a 90s trend
And maybe just maybe
I will get a song about me
Should be a folklore
To last forevermore
When will I open up?
Will it be when
the Sun Rises in the west
And sets in the east

Would you help me
Through sleepless nights?
Will we have enough time?
To complete our desires
More than chemical
Should be ethereal

Why isn’t that easy for me? 
Maybe I am scared
Of the heart break
To trust to let go
And take a leap of faith
Because it may cause pain
That’s why all these walls
That’s why I have closed the door

Why can’t it be simple ?
And I can be less rational
I cannot seem to shatter this wall around
Like me its thick and profound
My heart and brain
Need to Accept
And let my feelings reign
Love is a Pandora’s box
I can open it
Or wonder all eternity
That there is a possibility
That I should’ve opened it.

–Apoorva Jindal

P.S. I have added a lot of references of different movies, series and songs and albums. There is Greek mythology reference also. Some are direct and some aren’t. Let me know which ones you were able to find. This in my head is supposed to be a piece of fiction inspired by reality so don’t take anything seriously πŸ™ˆ.

22 thoughts on “Onism part 2 aka Quirkyalone

      1. I m still in it .
        Its gorgeous…
        Itl happen ven it’s meant to …n ven it duz d logics vil b gone with d wind ..u vil c only twinkling stars shining bright til d end of d horizon …
        U vil no ven it vil happen …
        God bless

        Liked by 2 people

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