11 Movies to Watch in a Pandemic

Disclaimer:  All the movies are not about a pandemic. These are movies that in general are good to watch if you want to watch a good movie while sitting at home and have some extra time to chill. I know these are tough times and in no way am I trying to mock anything going around. I just wanted to cheer up people sitting at their homes, following the protocols, praying for things to get better, working from home and may be you may end up introspecting and feeling better. As sometimes, when you get lost in a fictious world it can be more relatable to your real life than you think.

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And with that, here’s my list.

11. Harry Potter Franchise (2001 – 2011)
Genre: Fiction, Drama

Honestly, this is the movie that you can watch any time. But now that you have some extra time what better way to use it by binging all the H.P. movies. These movies need no introduction. And they had to be in this list because of how amazing they are, the universe that JK Rowling created is fantastic(๐Ÿ˜‰).

10. Train to Busan(2016)
Genre: Zombie, Drama, Action

If you love Zombie movies as a genre, you will love this. This is undoubtedly the best in its genre. And no one can question its supremacy. It has action, drama, relationship of father and daughter, teaching you not to be all selfish and all amongst a virus outbreak from which you can’t escape.

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9. Get Out (2017)
Genre: Horror, Psychological Thriller

I hope you all see the irony in the title of this movie. Don’t get out now. But take some snacks and sit with your cousins or siblings and watch this masterpiece in your house. It is an Oscar winning horror movie but it isn’t the supernatural that will scare you. It very beautifully questions and narrates about the racism in USA. Or in a way the caste difference in India. Either way I can guarantee you will like this.

8. Shutter Island(2010)
Genre: Psychological Thriller

A lot of people couldn’t predict Shutter Island’s ending but I did because I had watched a movie with similar ending. Anyways, I am not spoiling anything about this movie to you. You have to watch it and wonder what you just saw. The ending freaked my cousins and they just went away while the ending was going on but as I said because I had watched a similar movie I told them “See didn’t I tell you this was going to happen?”. Leo di Caprio just stole the show and Hulk is amazing too.

7. A Quiet Place(2018)
Genre: SciFi, Thriller, Drama

Whoever recommended this to me. Thanks. The lack of dialogue should make a movie tedious, but this one is in every way entertaining and grasps you from start to end. It is set in a post apocalyptic world where we go on a journey of a family’s survival and their evolution to coming from the hiding and battling the creatures you see in the movie.

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6. Zombieland (2009)
Genre: Zombie, Comedy, Action, Adventure

This used to come on TV a lot. I saw this movie many times and I still would. They just nail the comedy, the action and the zombie genre. 10 years later a sequel was also made but couldn’t do justice to its predecessor. Also make sure to note down all the survival rules(You will understand this if you have seen the movie).

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5. Lady Bird(2017)
Genre: Drama

Another Oscar nominated gem. It is a coming of age story. This movie explores the complicated relationship of mother and daughter. It truly captures the essence of “I m only 17 I don’t know anything or “it’s like I am 17 nobody understands”. Since I watched it at 17, it was very fun to watch. But even if you aren’t 17 it gives you a glimpse of crazy teen years and life after school and the future you dream of.

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4. Parasite (2019) Genre: Black Comedy, Drama

It isn’t just Blackpink and BTS that are taking over the world with their music, their(Koreans) movies are equally entertaining. Parasite’s ending and whole movie is cinematic wonder and a wonderful story. Without spoiling anything. This is Oscar winning movie that needs more appreciation than it got in 2019.

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3. The Illegal (2019)
Genre: Drama

This movie talks about how your dreams can cost you more than you bargained for. Especially, if you are in a foreign nation. This movie will make you cry. I never cry no matter how emotional the movie is, but this wasn’t just a movie, it was reality hitting hard in the form of an eye opening story. If you want to have a good cry or want to experience a heart warming story, this is for you.

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2. #Alive (2020)
Genre: Drama, Zombie Apolaclypse

Another Korean zombie movie which also captures the essence of how we all must have felt in the lockdown last year and this year. It will make you want to stay at home and it will make you want to make sure that you close your doors windows cover them with black paint and be isolated. But you will not be able to stop watching it.

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1. Contagion (2011)
Genre: Disaster, SciFi, Drama

This movie was surprising. It looks like the movie is based on Corona Virus and the current Pandemic. It is like a prediction of the events we have experienced and we are experiencing. The fact it isn’t made after the Pandemic and years before it is eerie. Another reason to watch it is for Kate Winslet and Gwenyth Paltrow.

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Now you have an amazing watchlist. If you watch Any of these, make sure to tell me how they were. Get in touch from this link.

Thanks for reading.๐Ÿค—

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