Cry Out

Regardless of how dark
Is the time
It aint going to be an infinite night
A scant ray of sunshine
Will show us the way
May be not today
May be we cannot see it now
It’s too dark
Optimism looks far
For now

Cry out
Until you can’t feel
The pain
Until you become numb
No hot no cold
I was once told
To move on
After crying
Even when you lose
Someone you love

An inconceivable idea
Takes a while to realise
they left the world
We haven’t
So keep them in your hearts
Cry out
When you want
And don’t let your goals shake
Nor let your mind fickle
Show up and be like the sun

Isn’t this what they would have wanted?

— Apoorva Jindal

P.S. Maybe this would help people in these tough times.

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