Meaning of Life

I don’t know if I know the meaning of life. However, sometimes I wonder what could it possibly mean? 

I had an epiphany which I am sharing.

In my opinion, it is a blend of misery and bliss. Like studying, it can make you feel brain-dead and brilliant. Sometimes simultaneously. We always have this conflict, I like to study and get good grades. It enhances my aptitude, makes me brainstorm and I feel intelligent. However, it can be monotonous and frustrating. It can put thoughts in our mind like why? What’s the point of this? Is it helping me in any way? Do I even need to study? 

I have realized that what makes me the most gleeful is what lies in the mundane.

But this is for me. It could be different for you because the nature of all of us is somehow different and the same simultaneously.

Very much like how we all have different fingerprints but they look similar.

I think that is what the essence and spirit of life are. You have to be miserable and blissful in the same finite years you live. Simultaneously, striving to be better, making choices, decisions, learning, growing, being kind to each other, and more to those who are kind to you. 

And Being consistent towards the things that are your passion or bring you nearer to your goals, even in the times when they can make you gloomy, is something I am learning.

–Apoorva Jindal

P. S. I don’t read philosophy (I don’t mind reading I just don’t know what I should read) so this may not be accurate. As I have mentioned this is my perspective.

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