11 Reasons to Watch Erkenci Kuş / Day Dreamer

If you are looking for your next great binge, then look no further because I’ve got you covered. Erkenci Kuş or DayDreamer (for the Indian audience) is a show that everyone will enjoy.

It is a Turkish romantic comedy-drama that aired from 2018 to 2019. 

This is my first Turkish show, and I am glad to write that it was a wonderful experience to watch it. 

When DayDreamer was released on MX Player in Hindi dubbing, it immediately formed massive viewership in India. Later, MX Player brought the rest of its episodes dubbed in Hindi. 

Within a few episodes, the show had roped me in completely. Soon I was looking forward to watching the next episode.

The story starts with Sanem, a girl much like every other Indian girl. Her parents are pushing her into a marriage she does not want, and the only way to escape it is to find a job. She lands a job in an advertising company and thus begins a journey of epic love. It is also the story of a woman who discovers herself among the chaotic and entertaining drama surrounding her.

So here are 11 reasons to watch this show,

1. Epic Love Story

Image via Erkenci Kus Instagram

Erkenci Kuş is an epic love story. It beautifully shows the audience the highs and the lows of falling in love. From the time you fall in love, to knowing that it is not just love that could suffice the relation anymore. Or some villain that tries to come between your epic romance. From the pain you feel even when you do something as simple as drinking tea to going to the places where you used to go together, to the clothes and the smell that reminds you of them. The show is going to make you feel it all.

2. The Comedy

Image via IMDb

While the epic romance and the sizzling chemistry of the lead pair is what will make you click the next episode link, a major part of the show is the comedy. DayDreamer is not just a love story. In every episode, there are comic scenes that you will burst out laughing at. I still end up laughing whenever I stumble at any iconic scene circulating on the internet.

My favorite is Cey Cey (Pronunced as Jay Jay). And the favorite duo is Cey Cey with Sanem and Cey Cey with Muzaffar. Mevkiben is also hilarious. Her acting is praiseworthy. You have to watch the show to know what exactly I mean.

3. Visually Stunning

Image via Google

The show uses visually breath-taking places and top-notch cinematography to keep you hooked to the screen. Be it the simple house of Sanem or the lavish house of Can (pronounced as Jaan). The outdoor locations are also stunning.

I have paused in so many scenes to get a good look at all the locations. And there are a lot of them. From mountain houses to beachside rendezvous. These locations are mesmerizing and calming. 

After watching the show, I googled a lot about Istanbul. It’s definitely a place one would want to visit.

Another aspect here is the beautiful clothes that distinguish characters. The clothes are simple, casual, wearable, and relatable. You may want to include them for a wardrobe refresh.

4. Use of Fables and an Early Prediction

Image via Google

Fables are short stories that become legends as passed down through generations. In the show, there are many fables and fairy tales mentioned. One of the shared reasons, which bonds the lead pair is by telling each other fables that they were told. If you end up watching DayDreamer, make sure you carefully listen to them as they hold a much larger significance. 

Very early on in the series, Sanem tells a fable to Can. And that is what fate the two characters meet later in the show. You cannot help but think how smartly the ending was set all along.

However, these fables are important from a writing and literary point of view. These are also details to look out for.

5. Representation of Turkish Culture

Image via Google

I had no idea about Turkish culture or people. I just knew that there is a country named Turkey. However, even with my limited knowledge, I can write that, I know about the culture. Of course, not everything but quite a few things. I know they like tea, how engagement ceremonies happen, Turkey’s capital, their songs, about Tarkan and Atiye (two phenomenal Turkish singers), etc. It gives you a glimpse of their culture. The show does that in a positive light. By this, the show makes sure that you are engrossed in the storyline.

6. Strong Female Characters

Image via Google

The female characters create a special place in your mind when you watch the show. Be it the antagonist or protagonist. 

They all have distinct and invigorating personalities and a strong screen presence. Before beginning the show, this was one thing I was skeptical about. What if this show presents some stereotypical version of females? However, the character development kept me involved.

7. The Music

Image via Google

I know this little fact that the two languages/subjects in the world that don’t change are mathematics and music. Interestingly, they are two things that start from ‘M’ that I appreciate more than many other things. 

Erkenci Kus got one of these right. The music. That sizzling chemistry between the leads to the perfect comic timing of the characters would all be incomplete without music. 

Except for the songs and background music, the theme song is admirable too. It is sung by the leading lady Demet Ozdemir aka Sanem.

8. Entertaining Supporting Cast and Well Developed Character Dynamics

Image via a YouTube Channel

From the lead pair to the supporting characters. The entire gets their chance to shine and leave a mark in your mind. The show gives space for all characters to develop and flourish and entertain us. This makes the show even better. As I like a show where there are more characters. And the show gives all of them a chance to create an impact.

The dynamics between all the characters are well established, which adds another layer to an already well-developed plot.

9. Entertainment and Relaxation

Image via Google

This show is ideal for people who are not looking to churn their brains. Just sit, relax and grab some popcorn. It is a feel-good show. In many ways, a modern fairy-tale.

10. Encourages Book Reading / Literature

Image via Google

Another joint interest of the main leads is reading books. This ties them together in different ways throughout the series. In fact, after the show’s release, a book was also written called The Phoenix and The Albatross.

Our lead Sanem aspires to become a writer. So, all this makes us want to read more. (At least I wanted to read more).

11. A Treat for Chai Lovers

Image via Google

A shared addiction of Indians and Turkish people is their pure love for chai (tea). Both of them cannot seem to get enough of it. The way the lead characters talk about it is also enough to turn us into chai lovers and to want to try Turkish tea.

Honestly, you can make a drinking game (of chai, of course, what were you thinking?) out of how many times the show mentions chai or the characters are found drinking it. 

There are other details in the show like perfume, birds, etc. that are elements that stay with us even after the show has ended. The show has won many awards along with the hearts of people. Hopefully, you have found your next great binge.

I can give 1000 reasons for not being consistent and taking a long sabbatical from this blog. But the fact that I always come back to it and publish is enough for me to continue it. My way of apologizing for not being consistent, especially since I had planned content already. Just life keeps throwing rocks and now I am just collecting them until they are enough for my castle. (*Laughs as indirectly mentioned TS and now directly).

13 thoughts on “11 Reasons to Watch Erkenci Kuş / Day Dreamer

  1. I hardly take your recommendations (no doubt of them being great but I’m not a movie/series/show lover, I’d rather read) but this was one of the best shows you suggested. Watched it and loved it. And you forgot the second-hand embarrassment sanem gives.

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      1. I liked this article👌👌. You have given many details that makes the reader want to watch the show. You should probably charge mx player and Erkenci kus for this free promotion😂

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