Exciting and Thrilling Adventure Sports You Should Participate When in ‘The Land of Kings – Rajasthan ’

The glorious Land of Maharajas (‘Kings’), renowned for its breathtaking landscapes like golden deserts in Jaisalmer, beautiful blue lakes in Udaipur, the grand palaces, and forts, surrounded by Aravali hills, is always at the top among the places to visit for thrill-seekers. You will feel no less than royalty here. As people are welcoming, and that will warm your heart. The vibrant cities in the state, not only complement the state’s culture and heritage but also your next Instagram picture. While adventure is not the first thing that may traverse your mind when you think of the majestic state. There are many things you can do in Rajasthan, including adventure sports. You can very well find thrill and excitement through various adventure sports. Well, why do you think the Kings fancy Rajasthan so much? Surely, they do not spend all their time in palaces. Here is a list of the best adventure sports to add exhilaration to your Rajasthan trip.

1. Camping

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Out of all the adventure sports, if you have to choose only one of the things to do in Rajasthan, then you cannot miss camping. Because this is the uber way to experience a thrilling activity and also relish the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan. You can set up camps in the desert area and enjoy yourself, with the folk music, the traditional Ghoomar dance, and the traditional dish ‘Dal Bati’ all in the light of Bonfire.

Pushkar, Bikaner, and Jaisalmer are some of the places you can visit in the winter season.

2. Paragliding

Under the exquisiteness of the sky, paragliding is a must. Like a bird, you can experience the magnificence of Rajasthan. A little tip, make sure that you do not visit in the monsoon season if you are interested in paragliding.

The adventure sport is available in the pink city, also known as, Jaipur. Other cities that have paragliding as adventure sports are Jaisalmer and Jodhpur.

3. Water Sports

Contrary to common knowledge, most people associate Rajasthan with deserts and as we know deserts mean lack of water. Today, let’s change your view. For this, you have to visit Udaipur, the city of lakes or the Venice of the EastThe city has many lakes like Fatehsagar, Udai Sagar, Dudh Talai to name a few. All of these are connected, which makes the weather of the city perfect for tourists who visit from the western part of the world. There are many water adventure sports like sailing, boating, and river rafting. 

The best part is, you can get a stunning view of the city of lakes, especially during sunset, where the water looks like it is gleaming, and the Aravali hills are protecting us. All this soothes the mind and heart. 

4. Trekking

Another popular belief is that trekking is among the adventure sports limited to hill stations. While that is true, you can also trek in Rajasthan as the state is surrounded by the Aravali Mountains, which are one of the oldest mountain ranges. You do not have to worry about safety as many hotels in Rajasthan have large properties in terms of the area. Hence, you can enjoy trekking with complete safety and security. Except for this, Mt. Abu is a hill station near Udaipur, you can also have a short visit there and trek.

You can trek in the majority of cities. Winters are the best time for trekking and the winter months from November to February will be the ideal time. 

5. Wildlife Safari

Rajasthan has plenty of wildlife. The majestic tigers and exotic birds you will see here are enough to give you an adrenaline rush.

Wildlife Safaris are perfect to visit in Bharatpur, Jaisalmer, Kumbhalgarh, and Udaipur from October to March months.

So, make sure to include all the adventure activities when you create your itinerary for things to do and places to visit in Rajasthan. And hopefully, you were able to see Rajasthan in a different light, contrary to the limited view shown in movies and TV shows.

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