Water Kindness

Water kindness
Its difficult I know
No one was kind to you
I’ve been there too (maybe I still am)

they don’t text & call back
Or decide to hang up
Showed a shoulder like ice
Rolled their eyes
Never call them out

they played the game of blame
Who counted (1,2,3…)
their unkind words & actions (Virgos count I know I am one)
Left you in vexation
Looks like its too late
Maybe for you and them

you gave them more chances
Now, its difficult to trust
To show kindness first
To be the same person

Don’t be a part of this cycle of viciousness
Never too late to water kindness
Its okay to have less friends
Not okay to be unkind
things happen

When you were kind
wasn’t your heart happy?
I know they tried
To make it heavy
Move on
Don’t let the worst consume your midnights
It’s better for you to write
And feel light

Remember those who showed it to you
When you were bruised
Who never made you feel used
Forget who tried to leave a stain
Tried to cause pain
It’s all in vain
They never knew you
You exuberate kindness
Because you learned to water kindness

By Apoorva Jindal

P. S. This is an ideal version of me. And what I hope I achieve. Not always who I am, but yes its close to who I am as a person.


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