My Birthday Memories

I was born on 11th September 1999. From that date, there are many memories that I have of my birthday. This blog is where I am sharing and reminiscing those memories as I am about to turn 22.

A few days (or months or years) before my birthday, I do a little planning. Sometimes, I am spontaneous in the planning, but there will always be some degree of planning involved and some things that will go wrong. I just really like feeling joyful on my birthdays.

As a kid, my mother was very particular and she would take me shopping to buy new clothes. I was accompanied by my father or my Masi. I used to buy at least two dresses, one for school, which was the only day we were allowed to wear colorful clothes in school. As a kid, these were my finest and my best days. This became a ritual. I am not sure how many of you have a birthday ritual, but I do. Most people who are my friends will know this. I like to buy new clothes for my birthday. I did not realize until 4 or 5 years ago that this has become a ritual. Another ritual, I have made is that my cake will represent something special to me. Like, my crazy and obsessive fangirling. I had a Taylor Swift-themed cake and a Harry Potter-themed cake. I have also had a big 21st birthday cake. Which were shapes of 2 and 1. It did not turn out the way I was expecting. However, it is fine. It happens, right. My favorite flavor of cake is classic chocolate. I remember a day or two before my birthday, my mother used to write a note in my school diary to seek permission from my class teacher. Till date, when I wake up in the morning, my father is the first one to wish me as he wakes me up. Then he wakes up my mother. She would be the second to wish me. I would wear my special clothes and get ready. I made sure that I took the big Dabba (box) of chocolates. I don’t know about others, but I felt like a celebrity that day (internally laughing writing this blog). Everyone in the class would wish me and my teachers would too. Then I used to stand in the front and center of the classroom. Everyone would sing “Happiiie Birthdayy to youu”. (Hopefully, you sang it in your mind while reading it) I know it wasn’t a big deal, but to me, these are the memories that I can think of and laugh and I hope I don’t cry out of happiness. I would distribute chocolates in my class and everyone would ask for two. Interestingly, I don’t like chocolates but that is what people bring as my birthday present. I was still thankful as I respect that. Plus, a birthday is about joy. Gifts are something I expect from myself. Although, buying new clothes is more than enough and I am grateful that my parents knew what I wanted if anything except for clothes was needed. After distributing chocolates in the class. I would pick a best friend because well my best friends changed a lot. Now, of course, they are constant. I have had good school friends but not the best friend in the same class/section.

My grandmother and mother would cook many dishes. Sometimes, there would be help available, and sometimes not. We would have family relatives with their children. There wete children from neighbouring houses too. Whenever we used to celebrate outside the house, there would only be family and closest relatives and my cousins. I was surrounded by children my age and I would act like the leader of some gang. Being their only sister and eldest, I was an over-the-top person who used to boss them around. That phase did not last long. Probably till I was 5 or 6, but it was the funniest one.

One of the unforgettable experiences of my birthday celebration, my most fond memories are the ones where I am dressed like a boy. I had the haircut of a boy too. In the background, HAPPY BIRTHDAY APOORVA was written. This was before I was 8 years old. My birthday has been celebrated both in my house and outside it. The flashbacks of every birthday are still fresh in my head like I was at that particular age yesterday. Writing about some of these 21 days is like time travel.

Interestingly, I have had 21 birthdays and all of them have been memorable enough that I could write on and on about them. Even the small hiccups on my birthdays have been remarkably memorable. I wish I documented all of them. In all truthfulness, I would not change anything. Nor would I trade my life with anyone else’s. These ephemeral and visceral moments give me joy that will last forevermore. 

My birthday is in monsoon season and used to be in exam season. Those were the two obstacles on my birthdays. They have created the best memories that I can laugh about. My exams were one of the reasons my birthday was either celebrated in advance or post-birth date. Mostly on Sundays because that is when my father would be free. It also meant celebrating on two different dates because there would always be a small celebration on my birth date.

Now after cutting the cake. We would start the photography session. I would be in the arms of my parents or my uncles and aunties. Who would carry me in couples and each would get a picture clicked. There would be mandatory click with my cousins. I would be a gang leader. Not kidding here. 

We would all have dinner. Return gifts would be distributed. I would be tired and probably slept early.

I appreciate, acknowledge the people who called and tried wishing me at midnight, but I would be sleeping. Now all my friends know this. So they choose to text me and call later in the day. Which I thank them all for if they are reading this. I will appreciate you even more for caring about my sleep.

We have also celebrated my birthday at Aapni Dhaani. I remember wearing an orange sweater-like top and being carried by my mother or father. Don’t remember which two birthdays those were but they were probably when I was 5, 6, or 8 years.

One of my birthdays, my 13th birthday was pretty iconic. Everything happened as a usual birthday. However, after I came back from school, feeling like a celebrity. We decided to go to a restaurant. But God had other plans. It rained heavily because of which none of my school friends could make it to the venue. The next day we had an electricity cut for 24 to 36 hours as Udaipur was flooding.

My birthday was celebrated on the 11th and this all happened when I turned 13. But my family members were determined and so were all the relatives. Because of reasons, I don’t remember. The restaurant was not far from our place. Probably, just 10 minutes ride. But it took us around an hour to reach the place. We celebrated and went home. The rain made my 13th birthday special. Everyone remembers it. I mean the storm was unforgettable. The lightning was phenomenal.

To conclude, I don’t know about you but I am feeling 22. Since I was 12 or 13. I have been wanting to say this and write this. And waiting to say this line on my birthday. It is Red the feeling I’ve got. (My brain wants me to stop making TS references as Ik I have annoyed a few).

Thank you for being a patient reader. Hope you enjoyed reading a collection of my most fond birthday memories. I am aware, this was a little less coherent. I will work on this thing in the next similar blogs.

Feel free to share your birthday memories in the comments. Or if we have shared experiences, if you are a friend of mine. I would love to read them all. Other feedback and appreciation comments are always welcome.

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