Do You Remember?

Do you remember?
That time in September
You were crestfallen
Going through a breakup
And internally I was glad

Not because you were sad
Because you told me before everyone else
You cried on my shoulder, so hurt
tears drenched my shirt

You found comfort
In telling me, how he was a nightmare
Made fun of his hair
Some new rules were made
You called me every day
And I used to text you
As usually calls make me blue

My friends were few
So my mother got fond of you
How you both made fun of my weird habit
Should’ve known, it was toxic or was it?
Pushed me to be healthy
Concept so unearthly
Took no time to burst my bubble

Think I was gullible
Thought we were unbreakable
Everyone used to take our name in pairs
We made it worth their stares

In our class, counted the couples in serious relationships (this is fiction, please don’t come at me😂)
And said we’ll have a more everlasting friendship
Your maroon coat & my rust orange one

Was it only a few months?
Seemed like ages
Now, we’re just forgotten faces
In the club we went to together
Possibly now, people there are better

Was all of it smoke and mirror?
I heard some thing
Didn’t let it cling
The terrible rumours weren’t few
Turns out, all of them were true
I wasn’t concerned
Until you confirmed

I cried alone
Repeated, “I should’ve known! I should’ve known!…”
Then I saw you on her shoulder
It was November
Hurt from a breakup
Tears drenched her shirt
That time,

Internally, I smiled
Its middle of the night
And now I am fine
Guess that’s why he broke up
Left him all messed up
But do you remember

It was December
You captioned your photo real
And simultaneously used a filter? –Apoorva Jindal

Hey Everyone. You know that meme where they say that there is more drama in the first year of college than a Star Plus show. I think that’s what inspired this fictional story. Thank you for reading. Please tell me how you found this story.
I would be interested in knowing what I can improve in this.

Some of the readers thought the story was real. I take it as a complement but to burst your bubble, it is fiction.

Once again. Thank you for reading.

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