Envy isn’t a good emotion
I stay away from it in every situation
Never been in a relation
Resisted this temptation

But, when I saw you in that blue t-shirt
Evil got in me, don’t care about who gets hurt
can’t see you with her
She may be smart and pretty

I look better when it is you and me
You haven’t met me properly
You’ll forget her that, I guarantee
In just a weekend, we’ll be more than friends

Closeted my feeling
But look at where it got me
She won’t write a song for you
And I’m writing before we even a thing
Thinking about you gives me a kick of endorphins

I am good at knowing people
Call it my experience from betrayal
We’ve got this young energy
The first time, in the lab of chemistry
The day you saw my cheeks
Because they were turning more peach

God! now I’ve got a green eye
And you’re becoming my light
My vision, limited in this tunnel
Only filter us out, from a funnel
I know you think about me
We’ve got a rich history
To a point where I am challenging your fidelity

Envy isn’t a good emotion
You need to balance this equation
So crazy, that I like this tension
And if now, I’ve got your attention
It’s your call, there aren’t any walls
Or shut doors
Don’t worry I’ve got your contact
From the start, you had an impact, I must confess
And I am going to pick up
But you need to hurry up
I don’t like to wait
Don’t be late!
We already know what we’ll talk about
That show is still airing
We both like deflecting from the issue at hand
It is getting boring
How we both aren’t honest
Sit in my house basement
Hiding there, like our real feelings
Ask me directly instead of projecting through its characters
I am leaving it to you now
Make your move, don’t make us lose

I know its all in my mind
God, but it feels so right
This ain’t the worse rhyme
Though it is all a lie
Wasn’t a waste of time
— Apoorva Jindal

Last para, πŸ˜‚
I created this character, a sassy queen, secretly crushing on a guy and planning to destroy his relationship πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My life has no such drama, but my mind decided to plan on writing this and I can’t tell you what a blast it was. I might do more of these and dig deeper into this annihilating character I’ve created.
Thanks for reading πŸ€—β€οΈ.

Image from Pinterest

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