A diary entry: What’s Good About My Life?

What is good about my life? 

It’s not a negative question. It depends on how you think about it. I may have bad phases and times when I am surrounded by negativity. Primarily, this year, 2022, in more than one way, was not good. I never thought I would say or write that, but I am. Not going to write details about it, because I have written about it. I am blessed that my family is there and was there. But only a few friends know. Some of them chose not to, which is fine, or they are not that into this. And that’s okay. I want to focus on the ones who were there, just a call away. But in the end, all I think is, I don’t want it any other way. It’s okay, I’ll cry, or maybe I won’t. I’ll think about all the bad things people say to me and how much they try to hurt me. How easy it is to blame me for nothing at all. 

And how much I want to reply with the same level of hostility, but I try not to. Because I don’t see the point. That brings peace back, piece by piece. Isn’t that all the good I have, right inside me? Exactly where it will always be. Sometimes, I need to be reminded of it.

“Life is good. And I get to write about it.”

— Apoorva Jindal

Life is good. This year was not. But it is all good.

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