11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Udaipur: From the Perspective of an Udaipurite

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I am a proud Udaipurite. I decided to write this travel blog. I want to admit that I have always wanted to write about my city. But I thought that many bloggers have already written on this topic. And after 2 years of back and forth and overthinking, I have decided that I am not going to cancel writing about it. 

I wanted to write this blog even though there are already many blogs and vlogs covered on this topic. That’s exactly the reason I am writing this. Mostly the Udaipur travel blogs and vlogs are from the visitor’s perspective. And as intriguing as it is to read about how they found my city, I wanted to write about my city from my perspective. 

If you decide to visit famous places in Rajasthan. You should add Udaipur to your list. Udaipur has many things to offer, including escapism from chaotic and busy schedules. And as a person who lives here, my life has never felt that way. I can simply go to my roof and absorb what nature has to offer.

When you think of Rajasthan, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the scorching heat, golden deserts, or the Kesariya Balamaa song? Thanks to its representation in movies and TV shows, that is all that is known about Rajasthan. There is no denying that the state has these elements. But there is more to it. Your outlook is about to change because Udaipur has none of these. Okay, I admit you will find folk singers and dancers. But Udaipur is not known for it. 

Some of the movies that use Udaipur to set a captivating background are Ye Jawaani hai Deewani, Dhadak, Guide, Octopussy, and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. This can have a separate topic and is widely covered. But I have covered most of the locations that you should visit and so many of these locations will be covered.

Let me be your guide as we travel to Udaipur together.

1. Rich Culture and Heritage 

Udaipur has a rich history. Which makes the visit to Udaipur even more memorable. Maharaja Udai Singh founded the city, and it is also named after him. It also became the capital of Mewar which was Chittorgarh before it. The palaces and architecture here depict the history and culture of Udaipur. While people here have adapted to the lifestyle of a smart city but many old-world traditions are preserved and followed diligently. Especially by women. Like the Gangaur and Teej festivals. 

The elegant and energetic Ghoomar dance is a famous dance form here. In this dance, women dance in a circle to the folk tunes of Mewari songs. If you visit the city during an auspicious occasion or a wedding, you could find someone performing the Ghoomar dance. 

Udaipur has many temples, like the Jagdish temple, the white temple of Krishna near Faehdagar, and the Shiva Mandir in Sahelio ki Badi. They all have beautiful architecture, and some of them also have paintings that I couldn’t take my eyes off. They tell stories that I find fascinating, and I am sure you will too. 

There are many museums in the city if you are interested to know the art and culture of Udaipur.

2. Take me to the Lakes, I mean the City of Lakes

Known as the “White City”, “the city of lakes”, “the Venice of the East”, “India’s European city”, or “Kashmir of Rajasthan” (according to some travel blogs I read), is the city where the calming blue and golden colours of sunshine create tranquil escapism for one. It’s a blue-tiful city. ( Please don’t stop reading. I just had to write that, no matter how lame it sounds.) Udaipur, with its beautiful blue lakes, surrounded by Aravali hills is delightful to the eyes and mind. Yes, we Udaipurites are practically living in heaven as humans. We don’t need to fret about the afterlife.

Udaipur has many lakes like Lake Pichola, Fatehsagar, Dudh Talai etc. All of them are interlinked with each other, and they also help to replenish the groundwater and help to regulate the climate of the city. Besides that, they are a good visiting spot, where you can easily spend hours and hours without getting bored. You can also go boating or river rafting if that interests you. Whenever I visit another city, and I tell them that I am from Udaipur, they never forget to mention the lakes and how beautiful and peaceful they find it here.

3. Live Events and Festivals in Udaipur

Many kinds of music shows and other events are organized in Udaipur. Singers like Neha Kakkar, Guru Randhawa and many others have had concerts here. You can check on Book My Show and see if any of the events are aligned with your visit to Udaipur. New Year’s Parties are also organized here. And most importantly like any other Indian, Udaipurites have grand weddings, and of course, many destination weddings are also organized in the city. The most famous was the wedding of Isha Ambani where there was a private concert by Beyonce. The only reason I envy them. However, I am glad it wasn’t Taylor Swift that Isha Ambani was a fan of. Otherwise, it would have been my nightmare.
The Gangaur festival is one attraction during March month. But if you are here in winter, you shouldn’t miss the Shilpgram mela. It lasts for 7 to 10 days. Many traditional clothes, jewellery, home decor and other items are available. Folk Dancers and singers are also there. Many Kashmiri traders also come here and sell Kashmiri shawls and unstitched clothes of amazing quality.
Don’t forget to drink “Raab”. It is a warm beverage made from pearl millet flour or Bajra, spiced with ginger and ajwain. It is typically prepared and provided to new mothers to help boost their immune systems, as well as those who lack energy or have congestion in their chest. But it is very delicious and a typical Rajasthani drink that will provide you with a wholesome experience. In the summer, you can also serve it chilled. You can easily spend the whole day in Shilpgram and enjoy it like a festival. During Diwali and Dussehra, the city is decorated, and fetes are organized in the middle of the city. Many other small fetes are organized.
During winter, a flower show is organized at Fatehsagar lake. It’s a no-skip when you come here during the winter season.

4. Ideal for Long and Short Vacations

The best part for any person visiting my city is that you can plan a weekend trip or you can also come here for a long staycation. The city has many places to visit, and you can also go to Mount Abu, Nathdwara or any other nearby place. You can decide how many days you want to spend here, and our city will still be an indelible experience.

5. Best Hotels and properties of the World 

The Hotel properties and other properties in Udaipur are famous around the world.

The Oberoi Udaivilas is among the best luxury hotels in India. On the 200-year-old hunting grounds of the Maharana of Mewar, the magnificent Oberoi Udaivilas is sprawled over 50 acres on the shores of Lake Pichola. The resort provides special experiences including private lakeside meals, historic boat trips, private cooking lessons, and entertaining kid-friendly activities.

Another Hotel is Hotel Trident. The Trident, Udaipur’s 139 guestrooms and 3 suites combine elegance and sophistication with classic accents and modern conveniences, including free high-speed Internet for up to four devices. Of course, this is only for the wealthy. 

Lake Palace is another hotel. I think rather than describing, visiting it would be more wholesome.

There are many beautiful hotels for Middle-class families and students who prefer to spend wisely. But you probably have to talk to someone who is not an Udaipurite. As I live in Udaipur, I don’t have much idea about Hotels and guest houses. However, the people I have talked to so far, seem to tell me that they were happy with the accommodation and service. You could check the hotels by the lakeside as those seem to be quite popular among visitors.

6. Are you a Foodie? So am I.

Who doesn’t love food? Especially, when on a vacation we want to enjoy the best delicacies, local food and street food the city has to offer. And that is why I can write that the food is amazing here. We have street food and restaurants that have great preparation. I could make a separate blog on all the restaurants, cafes, and street food you should try when you visit Udaipur but I will still end up missing many of them. There are many chowpatis, cafes and restaurants which are practically omnipresent. I am not even exaggerating, every time I go to a place, I know I will find a new cafe or restaurant has opened there. 

Some of the things that you shouldn’t miss are:

In the morning

  • Poha at Udiapole
  • Vada Pav at Lokalamandal

In the afternoon

  • Lunch or Dinner at Natraj at Udiapole
  • Dal Bati Churma at Natraj or Dhabalogy
  • Coffee at Fatehsagar
  • Faluda and Gota (barf ka goal or ice on a stick with sweet syrup of different flavours on the ice) at Sukhadia Circle’s Chowpati. You can go to a stall called Prince Faluda. It has the best faluda and Gota.
Dal baati at our home.

Some suggestions for a Fine Dining experience:

  • Aranya Vilas
  • Khamma Ghani Restaurant with a view of the lake and is popular for non-vegetarian delicacies.

You don’t have to worry about budget also because you will find food at different prices.

7. Shopping!!!

If you are visiting a new place, you will want to buy something to remember. Be it clothes, shoes, etc. Hathipole and Bapu Bazaar are the best if you are looking for local shopping places. The Hathipole and Malda’s streets also provide clothes that can be stitched later to make ethnic clothes or Indo-western clothes. Mojris are also very popular here. So you can flaunt gorgeous street styles and wedding looks after shopping from Udaipur. And you can go to the Bapu Bazaar market for general day-to-day clothes but still buy local products manufactured in Udaipur. They also have shops for handicrafts and other articles like home decor. So they are a must to visit. 

8. Sunsets and Sunrises 

I can watch sunsets and sunrises like I have nothing better to do the entire day. To me, sunrise and sunset are inspiring and also visually palliative. I have visited many cities in India. But the sunset in Udaipur is the most admirable. That’s because, here you can watch sunsets and sunrises from Ambrai, Gangaur Ghat, or even from the roof of your house without any disturbances. Compared to other cities, we have less noise and air pollution, which enhances the experience. However, if you are visiting Udaipur and want to watch the Sunset the best places are Karni Mata Temple, you can also have the ropeway experience. You can also visit Nimach Mata Temple, which is also very high. I am sure you won’t be able to switch off your cameras and click many pictures. But you can try to switch them off and enjoy the enchanting view.

In the middle of Fatehsagar lake, there is a garden called Nehru Park where you can also find a beautiful view of the lake, and sunrise and sunset. The sunset view from Sajjan Garh or the Monsoon Palace is also beautiful.

9. Hospitable Localities and Great Accommodation

People in Udaipur are warm, welcoming and helpful. If you are new in the city people will help you out in finding the hotspots and accommodation. The only downside here is probably the expensive auto and taxi rates. Because they assume everyone is a tourist, and you will probably end up spending more on conveyance because of this. 

If you think I missed something in the blog that you think I missed about Udaipur. Especially Udaipurites. Comment down or DM me. Would love to know more about my city as there is so much I keep learning each day.

The first G20 Sherpa meeting under India’s presidency was organized in December 2022, and since Udaipur is known for its warm hospitality and historical splendour, it started from Udaipur.

10. Instagram Worthy Pictures

You don’t need Snapchat filters in Udaipur to click a gram-worthy picture. The beautiful hues of the city will serve as the perfect background. You can click and post sunkissed pictures sitting across the lakeside. The filters of nature will complement your pictures for the gram.

Nehru Park

11. Other Attractions the City Offers

The view from Karni Mata Mandir or even the Rooftop of any of the houses is something you cannot miss. The Jag Mandir, Ekling Ji Temple, City Palace, Moti Magri or the Memorial of Maharana Pratap, Monsoon Palace, Saheliyo ki Badi, Gulab Bagh, Bagore ki Haveli, and Wax Museum are common places visited by tourists. 

The city has so much to offer that I am not sure how much of it I was able to cover. But you can definitely create your own itinerary after reading this blog that I am sure of.

Also, if you have more Udaipur travel blogs to read. Send me the link. I love reading from a tourist’s perspective, how they find my city.

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