11 Things to do while staying at your home in a Pandemic.

1. Make a schedule : Most people can become lethargic and rest all day. This will do nothing good for our mental and physical health. Instead, make a list of things to do all day. This blog may help you in some of them.
2. Rest : A good sleep is necessary for a healthy body and mind. And ever heard of beauty sleep? It’s real! Try it by sleeping at least an hour in afternoon and thank me later.
3. Help your Mom : Now, no one has excuse for this and no one should have excuse. Our mothers work hard everyday by cleaning the house, cooking and what not. It is a must to help her with house chores.Like in our house, 1 time papa cooks and I cook 1 time reducing her workload. Also, we help her in other house chores.
4. Read books : What better time to read books.  Although it’s a lock down but not for locking your mind and what can be a better way to learn , than books.
5. Binge Watch : We live in the time where internet connection is an essential commodity, so what better thing to find the new and interesting content available online.
6. Connect with your Family : As I live in a joint family. Therefore we have decided on a common time to talk and play board games. There is no better way if connecting with family than with fun board games.
7. Exercise : Yoga, Meditate,Walk. You don’t want your body to jam when the lock down finishes. And a little exercise is always healthy.
8. Don’t Panic and Buy : I don’t need to elaborate it but during the time of a pandemic, it is possible that people start to panic but there is no need. No need to excessively buy groceries or medicines. All essential utility stores will be open at all times.
9. Only share messages or news when they are 100 percent verified: More than COVID-19 , fake news gets viral, and hence make sure that you share the right information. Especially when facts are changing rapidly everyday. Also there are certain laws according to which sharing and spreading fake news through messages is a severe crime.
10. Regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds and use sanitisers.
11. Explore Your Interests : We won’t get another chance to find out some new things and what could be a better time than staying at home.
Do share with me what you are doing in these days of lock down.


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