As a kid, I believed in everything I was told. They said, your favorite color is pink… I believed. They told me that women and men have different roles… I believed. They said women aren’t suppose to laugh loudly. Learn to be elegant and speak softly.
Somewhere while growing up, all my decisions were being made for me by others. And for a long time I was okay with it. However, this realisation dawned on me that why have I given the steering wheel of my life to others? From now on, I have decided to take the power back, to drive my own life, no matter how bumpy the road will be, my life will only be mine and all it’s decisions will be mine. That is how I take my power back.

P.S. I had a dream that someone else is driving a car and I am sitting at the back and the car is driving through same lanes. That is when I realised that I am not taking full control of my life and this piece of writing originated.

14 thoughts on “Driving

  1. Taking charge of ones own life is such an empowering decision ….and calls for some guts to take up the responsibility as well !!!
    Well written apoorva .
    I hope u steer d wheel of ur life n career in d best possible direction n drive d safest possible paths .
    God bless

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