A little girl is eager to see her father after days. Her father gave her pink shoes which she is excited to see. Growing up her room was pink, so was the colour of the bed sheets. Whenever someone asked her what her favourite colour is it would be pink. But as she grew up she realised that none of her brothers ever had pink clothes, shoes, toys etc. On Holi she got pink pichkaris. She realised that it was a colour that was associated to females. She realised that people have this stereotype that pink is for girls. One day she asked her brother that why doesn’t he has anything pink. He said to her almost as if mocking her that “Are you serious!! Pink is a girly colour and I can’t have anything pink. People would make fun of me and would say that I am such a girl… ”
The little girl was utterly shocked by what her brother had just said, it was an eye opener.She didn’t realise that this is how the society sees females. She realised that by wearing pink or being even remotely associating to that colour meant being feminine as if that was wrong, and she started thinking that females are the weaker gender. As she grew older she started hating the colour pink. There was nothing of pink colour that she wanted. Although growing up she realised that this is what people think and this isn’t true. Now her favourite colour is not pink but she doesn’t hates it either. She hopes that one day these stereotypes and wrong opinions about women may deprecate. She hopes that one day she will live in a world where she doesn’t find females struggling for equal rights, where men and women are paid equal.
What you just read is pretty much the story of every female or what actually happens in the society. Females not only wear pink but other colours as well but dare you see a male wearing pink. All eyes will be on him as if he has done a crime. The roots of it are so deep they all go back to our childhoods. When at a very young age we are told that pink is a colour only girls wear, cooking is the prime job of all girls, girls are supposed to be tender and boys are supposed to be tough as is said “macho”, they are not supposed to show their emotions to anyone, they are not supposed to cry in front of anyone.
Well I have a different opinion. I see the world and I see that the world is full of colours.
I see the beautiful sun shining bright in yellow,
The lush green grass,
The oceans and skies in blue,
The red roses,
I see the black sky at night that gives me hope for a new tomorrow,
I see pink and I feel a sorrow.
Pink hasn’t been in existence as a colour for that long but it has definitely existed as a feminine colour for a long time. It was around the time of 1940s that pink became a feminine colour and pink was vanished from boy’s clothing. Before that the colour was actually the colour wore by classes, the rich and influential.
Let me give you another example of how people practise gender bias. In my college, I was sitting in my bus waiting for it to start and I overhear two people in conversation, they are trying to figure out that if the bag is of a girl or a boy, and as soon as they see a pink bag and they are like that is definitely a girl. Needless to say it was a girl.

My major reason behind bringing this topic is that the society which comprises of all of us should not discriminate between men and women on any basis let alone a colour. I want each and every one reading this article to think about it if you haven’t. I do not blame men or women, I blame the reasoning ability of everyone who has ever used pink as a point to discriminate. We have put so many boundaries and limitations on what is right and what is wrong. I mean it’s just a colour leave it.

And whenever you see pink colour I hope you think that
Pink is the colour of sunset
Pink is the colour of the cherry blossom trees
Pink is the colour of roses
Pink is the colour of fun and elegance
Pink can be a lot things including a gender neutral colour
So now after hearing this I hope that whenever you see a guy wearing pink you won’t make fun of him and when you see a pink bag it might not be a girl’s bag.


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