20 Things I Learned Before Turning 20

Soon I will not be a teen. I will step into my twenties. So before entering my 20s I thought to write and share what I have learnt.
A turning point was when I completed my 12th class and had to be ready for the new phase of college. So most of these sharings are definitely what I have learnt in the past couple of years.
1. Friends– It will not be effortless as it was in school to find the set of people you click with in college. In fact, for a reserved person like me it was a struggle. It still can be sometimes. But after 1 and a half year of my college I know that I will be fine and this journey of trying to find the the perfect set of people for me has given me best lessons about people so there are no regrets.
2. Also I am not connected to all my school friends. Many of us who had promised to either stay connected are not. But again, it has stopped bothering me as it used to before .
3. Finding who I am- I came to know that there is this term called introvert and that is me. I fill all criterias of being one.
4. Parents are the biggest support and best people. I tell them everything. And the thing is that their trust makes me a stronger person.
5.I have become more fearless. I Let new things come up I know that with the right attitude and approach I have nothing to worry about.
6. The influence of social media. Since everyone who knows me is aware that I love social media. But I am aware of its cons as well. So I have a firm control over everything I share on it and I definitely do not share everything. Just some things because it is fun. And yes, I never share my feelings/emotions like anger, sad etc. because reality check is ‘NO ONE CARES’
7. I love to travel. I love going to new places, knowing their culture and love the diversity of my country India.
8. Nostalgia – I get sentimental while seeing all my old things, nostalgia strucks me every time. But it also feels good to remember those things and the fact that I have made some wonderful memories.
9. Removing toxicity – If something/someone ever becomes non tolerate able I either remove that thing or tell them how they make me feel because it is better than toxifying yourself. Also removing toxicity only gives me more positive energy so no harm.
10. I believe in the butterfly effect aka everything is happening or happens for a reason and things can turn out to be great.
11. I believe in myself and the fact that I don’t need to change myself. I trust myself and my rational more than anyone else . This helps me a lot in making good decisions.
12.The fact that no one knows what they will become after college. All of them are like me and are trying to become something and I respect that so there is no point in feeling insecure about things like this. Just stating this because I see many people feeling insecure about this and honestly there is no point in it. Learning to trust your rational comes in handy everytime in situations like this.
13. I also have eternal love for music and my favourite kind is pop. It is no secret that I admire Taylor Swift and she is a huge inspiration. That definitely reflects in my actions like me humming her songs or getting inspired from her for my blog or maybe for my next speech on Toastmasters.

14.I also learned that I love writing. Hence my blogs. Also receiving any feedback and compliments only encourages me to write and grow more.
15. Being humble is necessary and an amazing trait. No harm in learning to be humble.
16. I love watching TV/web series and movies, be it Bollywood, Hollywood or Indian regional cinema. It is interesting and I do get inspired from them a lot.

17. Also, I love googling. All my people know that I am surfing on Google something or the other all the time.
18. I also learned about noise. Yes, you have correctly read. What I mean is that I only care about the opinions and certain of my friends and my family . Rest is noise which is absolutely ignorable. People are going to come and go but the ones who stay, invest your time in those and the rest just works out right.
19. The fact that raising my voice is important at the right times.
20. Another one of my loves is drawing. That gives me a chance to express and tell a story. I also like to ask people what do they understand by my drawings because it is interesting to know their perception and I like to keep them open to interpretations.

11 thoughts on “20 Things I Learned Before Turning 20

  1. Got inspired from your writing .
    I like your creativity, the way u do the things your thoughts, the way u seek help and advice very politely I get attracted towards these things of yours as I observe a lot.
    Keep rising and shining and inspiring me to do creative things.
    All the best

    Liked by 1 person

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