I close my eyes,
Its there,
In my nightmare.
It started as a happy dream,
All cheerful hues.
The beautiful pink of sunset,
Then it came, brought darkness.
Hues are darker, becoming deep purple.
Now, I am scared.
It won’t let me wake up,
I am having the same dream again and again and again and again and again.
It looks real , it feels real
Suddenly I am in the middle of an ocean, drowning , choking.
Its telling me that I am no good, a worthless person no one likes me.
I am starting to believe it,

I found the sunrays,
Swimming my way up,
I reach the surface.
The shore is close,
I reach there,
And see the daylight.
I am happier,
I walk to my home,
And then I hear something,
A distant echo,
It’s my father,
Asking me to wake up.
My smile becomes bigger,
I cannot find it,
Try to look for it,
But it’s nowhere.
Then I hear him,
My papa asking me to wake up.
I open my eyes and realize,
It was just a dream. –Apoorva Jindal

The whole Poem is a metaphor. Told as if I am dreaming.
Nightmare is a metaphor for my fear and ‘it’ is also a metaphor for the same.
And also ‘it’ is sort of a monster.

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