Engineering Days : 24.09.2021

Started with small strides
Turned into a roller coaster ride
Of overwhelming emotions
and exam apprehension

From wanting to quit
Never thought I’ll make it
With success and failure
Lectures I don’t remember
But lessons I’ll never forget
Till the end.

An expedition and an experience
Of self-discovery and newfound confidence
Among individuals who are talented and ambitious
Worked as a fuel and inspiration
Found people like kin
Feels like a small win

A world I never knew
From 17 to 22 (Should’ve been 21 but pandemic.)
Became a part of it
Took a leap of faith
And now look where I am (side note: not so bad afterall)

Canteen gossips and lab practicals
being ridiculously impractical
Was bittersweet(I mean engineering cannot be all sweet)
But wouldn’t change a thing

All I want say is all the best
For your next phase.

— Apoorva Jindal

I know that I may not be a good writer or engineer but what I am good at is learning and trying and trying not to quit. And I guess that’s what I have learned from my four years of engineering.

Today is the last day of my four years of journey and what better way to commemorate this day. Also thanks to my friend who wanted me to write something. Really happy that I wrote something.

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11 thoughts on “Engineering Days : 24.09.2021

  1. this is so good …
    you are so good .as usual .
    may u soar hi in life ….
    engineering n ahead lifes ol about sm sweet n sm not so sweet experiences n learning sm how never stops till we breathe our last ….
    god bless

    Liked by 1 person

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