Winter nights are so long

Summer had a lengthy shift
I forgot the cold
Winter nights are so long
Like this poem,, I wrote

Wasted my time
So many sleepless nights
Went outside
And saw the moon,
Oh, wait! But now its noon
Screaming, and praying
I don’t know what’s happening

Blue curtains, lavender wall
Now, I never see the sun
It is raining in winter
Roses beside me
Pricked by a thorn
Now I rest
Waiting for the worst

I love colour
That’s why couldn’t see
But my fate was clear
Like those transparent bottles

Lines of silver
Rising up and down
The whole room spinnin
And I couldn’t breathe in

I wanted threads of different kinds
Hiding under oversized
t-shirts that I love
It got worse
I didn’t choose this battle
I fight like an unarmed soldier

They all have a tell
Everyone tells me
I already knew
Poisoned my holy body
Lying to my soul
Never be whole
there is so much more
Places, concerts, competition
Losing too much too young

Will I ever learn?
I created a loop of hell
Now I sojourn there
That’s how karma works
It came for me
It comes for everyone
— Apoorva Jindal

Thanks for reading. 🤗

I know this one will be incomplete because I have written so much creative content, it’s books and books of content. I am just trying to structure it, and maybe you’ll read it somewhere, hopefully with my name on it. Because I write so much and shared too much, I think it has become necessary to not publish things here and share them more systematically and see my name on them.

Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts. ✌️😊

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