11 Underrated Albums that Deserve More Recognition

Hi. Happy New Year to all my readers. Hope you all have a wonderful year ahead.

Have you ever had this infuriating feeling that a favourite artist of yours with so much talent, hits and wonderful work has an underrated album that you want more people to listen to? I have a few such singers and songwriters that have some albums which require more attention, not just because they are my favourite artists but because their work is fantastic and because many people will appreciate it.
Here are my picks of works that need more recognition.

1. Rare by Selena Gomez (2020)

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Selena Gomez, despite being a world-famous celebrity is still an underrated singer, and Rare is an underrated album. Her music is soothing to the ears, and the lyrics are beautiful. Rare is one album that is way too underrated. Its titular track is my favourite, “Vulnerable” “Souvenir”, and many others. A masterpiece where she creates music that she loves, and it is the kind of music that will calm you down. Maybe it is her struggle with mental health that helped her create such tranquillizing music that complements her vocals and is pure bliss. The hit song and the lead single “Lose You to Love Me” is an example of her ability as a singer and writer. I am eagerly waiting for her next album after her EP “Revalicion”. Except for Rare, she also has singles that people forget about but not me. You can listen to “Fetish”, “Bad Liar”, “Wolves”, “I can’t get enough”, “Past Life”; “Selfish Love”, are just a few of my favourites.

2. Evermore by Taylor Swift (2020)

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Evermore is such an exquisite album. My favourite TS album is 1989, and this is the second best. And dare I write, it is better than Folklore, as much as I like listening to Folklore, its sister album Evermore is a masterpiece. It has powerful and heart-wrenching songs. As Taylor Swift goes deep into the woods (“get it”), she writes “Champagne Problems”, “No Body No Crime”, “Ivy”, and “Long Story Short”, and each song is ravishing. You want to cry, dance, and become the character she speaks about. Though this album broke many records and won many awards, Taylor Swift and her PR team seem to overlook it(but not me), and it seems unfair because it is such a great album. And since it was preceded by Folklore, the audience seems to focus more on it.

3. Emails I Can’t Send by Sabrina Carpenter (2022)

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Emails I can’t send is my third favourite album of 2022, after Midnights (Taylor Swift) and Harry’s House (Harry Styles). Songs like “Fast Times” (my most listened and watched song on Youtube), “Tornado Warnings”, and the titular track, “Nonsense”, and each song on the album is an unskippable ballad. It’s upbeat and alive. I have listened to other albums by Sabrina Carpenter, and I can vouch that this is her best work. She reclaims her narrative, and her writing is more vulnerable than ever. Some other hit songs from her are “Paris”. “Skin”, “On My Way, “Why”, I am sure you must have heard at least one of them. But she still is an underrated artist. Here is hoping that her work gets more recognition and she keeps on creating albums like this one.

4. Manic by Halsey(2020)

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Manic by Halsey is too good to be here. It should be more popular. Tracks like “Graveyard” are classic, and “You Should be Sad” are savvy. She comes out and puts all her shades into this album. It is complicated and beautiful, her writing is refreshingly candour and raw. The most important is writing, which shines in the entire album. She has also ventured into different genres like R &B, Pop, and Rock. Maybe there are more, but these were the ones I could identify. This album is going to have a lasting impression on you, so give it a green light.

5. Special by Lizzo (2022)

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Special by Lizzo is for everyone who is feeling insecure about something or themselves. While “About damn time” was a global hit, her entire album wasn’t when it should be. This is another album with no skips. The album is light-hearted and makes you groove and feel good. This album shouts I am here to stay, I am here to slay, and I am here to luminize everyone’s day.

6. My Everything by Ariana Grande (2014)

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My Everything by Ariana Grande is possibly one of my favourite Ariana Grande albums. Actually no, it has to be “Thank You, Next” and “Dangerous Woman”. But this album is no less. Her vocals mesmerize me every time, and with the upbeat music, I have no words. Some notable songs from this album are “One Last Time”, “Love Me Harder”, and “Problem”. While the album is successful, it is still her more underrated work, and it is an album that can be listened to on repeat.

7. Voicenotes by Charlie Puth(2018)

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Charlie Puth is also known as a singer with a perfect pitch and a musical genius. The most famous song which is more famous than him is “See You Again”, which was in the Fast and Furious Franchise.
According to me, Voicenotes is the best album by Charlie Puth. It has no skips. Some singles from this album are “Attention”, and “How Long”. The songs are catchy, and they hook you up. You would have this one on a loop once you start listening to it.

8. Heartbreak Weather by Niall Horan(2020)

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Heartbreak Weather is by Niall Horan, that should be enough reason to listen to it. But let me give you a few more. The former One Direction member created an album that is soothing and engaging. It has got “Nice to Meet Ya”, “No Judgement” and the perfect love ballad “Put a little love on Me. The album is similar to something that you would expect from Ed Sheeran, in my opinion. Also, you can hear his Irish accent, which couldn’t be heard as much in his work with One Direction. This album demonstrates his growth as an artist and deserves more awareness. It was released in 2020, which could explain why it did not perform well. So, make sure you stream it.

9. Half Written Story & Haiz by Hailee Steinfeld

Half Written Story and Haiz are EPs by Hailee Steinfield. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know about these two. Don’t get me wrong. They are both amazing, but they are both EPs, and the artist does not have any albums after having immense talent as a singer and writer. I am pretty sure that you must have heard “Starving”. That song is a bop, and so are all her songs. She has not made any bad songs so far. That is why it is quite annoying that she hasn’t released a full-length album. She seems to be more focused on her acting career, but I think she could do so well in music and these two EPs, and all her singles are proof of it.

10. Made in the AM by One Direction

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Although an album by One Direction cannot be underrated, out of all their albums, the songs on this album are least talked about except maybe “Perfect.” It has got songs like “History”. “I want to write you a song”, “Drag Me Down” and the title track are equally amazing. It represents their growth as artists, probably that’s why I like it so much and because I started to know and follow them during this album’s era. I knew about them and listened to their songs but after this, I gave listened to all their songs. It is a great album and worth the listen.

11. No. 6 Collaborations Project by Ed Sheeran(2019)

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No. 6 Collaborations Project has to be my favourite Ed Sheeran album but, sadly, that is so underrated. It has got “Beautiful People”, “South of the Border”, “I Don’t Care” and many others. As the name of the album suggests, all the songs are collaborations, and they are all bangers. The album features renowned singers and rappers like Khalid, Camilla Cabello, Cardi B, H.E.R., Young Thug, and Bruno Mars, so it was bound to be a success, and it was a success but it still is not an album that is talked about when it should be. It has got upbeat music, music to calm you down, make you beatific, and make you dance. It is worth your time, and maybe you will end up adding songs to your playlist.

Thank you for spending your time and reading this blog.


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